Maintenance Repairs at Various Seaport Village Buildings

September 15, 2020

Port of San Diego

Seaport Village, San Diego, CA

Scope of Work
Roof Repairs
Miscellaneous Building Repairs
Building Exterior Painting


Urban Corps of San Diego County successfully completed general contracting services on buildings within Seaport Village on July 24th. Having opened to the public in 1980, Seaport Village is a 90,000 square foot waterfront property. 

Through partnership with the Port of San Diego, Urban Corps performed maintenance repairs, ranging from exterior painting and roof replacement, to a variety of structural repairs, on 31 buildings within the property. This work included the removal and replacement of approximately 23,310 square feet of roofing.

The full scope of work can be found below.

Throughout, our corpsmembers demonstrated the ability to produce excellent construction work on a large scale – doing so during a global pandemic. 

Thank you, Port of San Diego, for your partnership!

Scope of Work

Maintenance Repairs at 31 Seaport Village Buildings

General Construction

Removal of ~23,310 square feet of cedar wood roof shingles and shakes roof system

Installation of ~23,310 of new asphalt shingles roof system

Removal and replacement of portions of ~480 square feet of clay roof tiles

Removal and replacement of portions of wood sidings adjacent to roofing system

Other miscellaneous roof repairs

Removal and replacement of windows and frames, facia, wall sidings, portions of wooden decks, joists, beam, doors, guardrails, stucco crack and hole repairs and other carpentry work

Painting of all newly replaced carpentry work to match existing

Cleaning and removal of bird droppings on buildings

Removal and replacement of bird spikes, as well as installation of additional bird spikes

Complete exterior painting of specified buildings

Application of wood stain with sealer on the entire exterior of specified buildings