Winter 2020

Thank you all for what you do! Here are some kudos for you!

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I would like to congratulate our Progressive Intervention team, which includes many staff from the school and operations, for all the hard work they have done to develop and implement our new Progressive Intervention policy. CM development is our #1 priority. With PI we are intervening quicker and more effectively when CMs are not meeting positive behavior expectations; as well as, demonstrating a unified approach between operations and the school.  Hats off to that team. – Dan & Marie

I would like to give Kudos to the power washing crew led by Francisco Camacho, both Corpmember Red hat Ulises Delgadillo, Corpsmembers assigned to this project and Francisco have received during this hard year many compliments from community members and Sponsors at North Park and La Jolla. – Arturo

I would like to give a shout out to Shameeka Urban Forestry Supervisor who deserves acknowledgment on taking the lead on the planting of nearly 2,000 trees. Shameeka has displayed commitment to her position by providing specialized trainings in tree planting to her Corpsmembers and new staff. She is also good example to her peers by being one of the top three Supervisor that completed all Mandatory Tail Gate Trainings timely. Thank you Shameeka for your hard work and dedication! – Yolanda

I would like to shout out Manhal Jajju, our crew leader for the same reason. He has done an outstanding job planting trees and training our Corpsmembers. – Nallely

I [Sandy] would like to recognize the Human Resources Staff:

Zena – I am so very proud of you and all you have accomplished this year. Obtaining your Bachelor’s degree during these trying time is an amazing feat, not to mention your dedication to our team and Urban Corps. Thank you for being an amazing women!

Antoniette – It’s been a huge relief to have you as part of our team. You have adapting to our work schedule ease and been an amazing support to all of us during this chaotic year. Thank you so much!

Laura – You’ve been with me for YEARS. I remember how you used to answer the phones before you graduated from the corps. Here it is now, over 14 years and you are truly an Urban Corps success story. This year’s been really strenuous with COVID, tracking, working from home, a mother of a teenager and toddler, and much more, but the amount of time and effort you put into your job is absolutely amazing. You do a wonderful job, you’re dedicated and you’re an inspiration to all Corpsmembers and Staff. Thank you so much Laura!

I was on a call yesterday with the City of Carlsbad about a potential grant project. In that call, she told me that she has loved working with Sam and Nallely – great experience, great work and she is very happy. – Lauren W.

Lisa wears many hats. You all should hear how she cheers and welcomes each student that comes to check in to makeup work. That’s the kind of welcome that definitely makes you glad you showed up and a great way to start the day. Way to lead by example on so many levels Lisa! – Dan

Special thanks to Luul for taking on extra duties to track student progress and keep staff informed of student achievement. – Lisa

I wanted to send out an important kudos to the Urban Forestry tree planting team for their stellar work, Coordinator Nallely and supervisors Shameeka, Justin, Humberto and crew leader Manhal! About two years ago I applied for and we were awarded a super large state grant to plant 2,000 trees throughout the County. It was a big undertaking for any agency. We have been planting for a little over a year. We found out to date we have planted around 75% of our trees, are hitting our grant objectives and milestones on time and are being praised by our city and community partners. I am proud to be a part of such a winning team, thank you for all your hard work!  – Lauren W.

I would like to include one of our supervisors Zoro Qarandal. He has done an outstanding job at his project and he always lends a hand to cover different projects as well. Our clients are impressed! – Lilya

Shout out to all our AMAZING teachers for being so flexible in shifting from virtual to onsite to virtual instructional schedules, and for going above and beyond to get seniors online and track to graduate. – Lisa

Shout out to Corps-to-Career for always looking out for the well-being of our Corpsmembers. Daily, case managers not only help students navigate through life by giving them the necessary tools and resources they need to become self-sufficient adults, but they also do what they can to make sure Corpsmembers feel valued and part of the Urban Corps family. Kudos to them for being great role models to our Corpsmembers and for continuously going beyond their scope of work to help those in need. – Myrna


Kudos to Nallely for her long-term and dedicated efforts to the largest tree planting grant we have received. We have 7 partners and over a million dollars to account for and she is doing an incredible job of keeping it, along with all her other job duties, on track. – Lauren W.

I would also like to give a shout out to Jessica Solano after taking on her new position in Urban Corps Construction Department, she shows commitment and dedication to learning all the details of her job! Thank you Jessica for your hard work, you are appreciated! – Yolanda

Mission Fed is a GREAT partner and special thanks to Myrna for all you have done to cultivate this relationship. – Dan

I am new to the Escondido Creek Conservancy and this was my first time working with Urban Corps. Christian and his crews were a treat to work with and they did an amazing job at Reidy Creek these last two days. They worked well as a team and were incredibly efficient and helpful. Christian made everything easy and was excellent at delegating duties while working hard himself. Every individual on the crew had a positive and go getter attitude. I am looking forward to working with them in the future. I wanted to send this email as a thank you and to give Christian and his crew recognition for their hard work.  – Jamison Lauria

Thank you, Urban Corps, for the great clean up on Nimitz Blvd today. Point Loma Association’s Mean Green Team works that area and really appreciates the extra help!! – Debbie Hall

I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely impressed with the crew you sent out to Olivia Canyon yesterday. Even with the heat, the crew worked really hard and accomplished everything on my list.  Thank you, Kindra (Outreach and Education Coordinator  | San Diego Canyonlands)

(Regarding Olivia Canyon) Rebecca, your hard work and effort have paid off! Your commitment has been exemplary, and your hard work is an inspiration to everyone around you. Well done. – Sam

Thanks to the 2 gentlemen who did the [recycling] pickup today, great job! I will have more pickup requests at this same location in near future. – Angie

I wanted to thank you all so much for the [recycling] pick-up today. Everyone involved was super polite and the pick-up went really smooth. I really appreciate everyone’s help today. Thanks again. –  Samuel

Thank you very much for having one of your crews clean the sidewalks under the 52 overpass on Regents Road. I walk on the sidewalk there nearly every day and it is now much safer to walk there because of the cleanup performed by your crew. Sincerely – Carl

Thank you to: Arturo Perzabal, Felix Velasco, Patrick Musamba, Danna Gonzalez, Giovan Sepulveda, Jessica Vieth, Steve Cardona, Kenny Carabin, Boniface Milenge, Humberto Capistrano, Yousif Al Rubaye, Lesli Ramos, Jean Antoine and Ruth Balderama. Your work has strengthened our county. – ProduceGood

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