Spring 2021

Thank you all for what you do! Here are some kudos for you!

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To our Corpsmembers!

Esteban Jacobs is the first reinstatement to successfully complete a 20-day intervention!

Ariana Lara, Ericka Tinoco and Maria Rivera have been in the programs for 9 months or more and have less than 1 point. (meaning they have never needed an intervention)

Julian Ortega successfully completed a 20-day intervention 4 months ago and continues in the program

ELD Students are back on campus Wednesdays and Thursdays. The students are making strides in their learning and are excited to be back! – Tiffany

Julio Carrasco, a Corpsmember driver, was promoted to crew leader/red hat on 4.16.2021!

Congrats to 2 new Licensed Drivers: Juan Manuel Ramirez & Marilyn Santiago! – Laura Hueso & Corps 2 Career Team

Our graduating Seniors have less than 8 weeks left of school! Let’s cheer them on as they finish their studies. – Tiffany

To our Staff!

Kudos to Loren Madrid for leading the coordination of the Food Drive Event. There were a lot of moving parts! Job well done. Thank you to the team for their help! – Yolanda

I just got word that we received the two of the five applications I submitted for the Coastal Conservancy fuels management grant last week. We received the one for Chula Vista and to work in County preserves. These two projects have to start in the fall and are totaling around $750,000. Sam was on high speed craziness getting me all the budgets I needed in time. 5 budgets in about a week, powerhouse! I appreciate you Sam! – Lauren

Corpsmember Desire Kabila wrote in his English class about his supportive supervisor, Rebecca Voorhees. He said he enjoys working with her every day. – Tiffany

Kudos for Nallely who is always willing to get things done, work together and solve problems – Lauren

Kudos to Justin Kemp and Manhal Jajju – They both have done an amazing job leading the Urban Forestry crews. Thanks to their efforts, we are closer to meeting our goal of 2000 trees. – Nallely

Kudos to Alfredo Alvarez and Joshua Chavez – Both of them along with their crew participated in a training provided by Fire Dept. They started working with the Viejas Fire Department on 4/12 with the total of at least 12 corpsmembers daily. They have been continuously keeping the corpsmembers motivated and excited. – Nallely

Kudos to Yolanda for being so great at her job (reviewing contracts and getting them signed lickity split!) – Lauren

Regarding the April 15th Facility Inspection – Moore Street looked great. No deficiencies found. Thank you to everyone who helped keep it clean. – Yolanda

Kudos to Martha Barajas and Felix Velasco – Both supervisors have been doing an amazing job and a great help in the mornings getting the crews out and ready for PT! – Nallely

Loren, Yolanda, Doug and I were on a call this morning to discuss the close out of our 2018 grant (the old Chula Vista 40 acres grant). Our grant administrator had some things I wanted to share with the group. She said we were her favorite grantee. She said you had she knew we had a lot of challenges but we never gave up but kept trying new solutions and communicating with her about how things were going. Although the grant was super challenging, here is a bonus! Good job team! – Lauren

We had a successful site visit with Releaf and CAL FIRE who had nothing but good things to say about Urban Corps, our grants and our ability to stay on budget and on target! Also, Our very large CAL FIRE tree planting grant is going amazing – Nallely oversees this project like a boss. We are on task, on budget and being seen as one of the most successful CAL FIRE grants in the state (that were funded the same year ours was!) – Lauren

We have been certified for FY2020-2021 by the State of California Conservation Corps. Thank you to the Team! – Yolanda

I just wanted to shoot out and give kudos to our Environmental grants team. Grants are a beast on top of all other job opportunities. Here are the few items I want to send kudos for: We are closing out a number of successful grants over the next 30-60 days, on time and on budget. We are dealing with difficult sponsors well! – Lauren

Kudos for the operations team taking on all the recent site visits for grants – you guys are the heros! – Lauren

From the community!

D’Wane, thank you and your team for being such great partners… Your ears should have been burning last night, as Jonathan gave Urban Corps rave reviews at our SDRVC Board meeting last night… THANK YOU ALL! – Trish

Hi. I wanted to thank you for clearing and cleaning up Ulric street last week! It looks fantastic! Appreciate your hard work. – Jacqueline S.

“Hi! Linda, Lisa and I are so thankful and grateful to you for sending Urban Corp to our house. They were amazing. And the canyon looks great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Thank you for scheduling this pick up. I was not on site when it took place but my team said your crew was very helpful/professional and got it done quickly. – Victor G

Thank you to Urban Corps for making a difference in our Reo Drive Business District. Community love!