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Your donation of ANY size will help us serve young adults all across our county!

Our mission at Urban Corps of San Diego County (Tax ID 33-0352148) is to build a better, brighter and more fulfilling future for young adults.

Through our partner organization, Urban Corps Charter School, we are able to provide 18 to 26-year-olds the opportunity to earn a high school diploma – as opposed to a GED or a certification.

Simultaneously, as a certified local conservation corps, we offer Corpsmembers PAID job training on a variety of projects that heavily benefit our communities, including:

– Fire Fuel Reduction
– Wildfire Hazard Removal
– Recycling and E-Waste Services
– Green Construction
– Environmental Services
– Graffiti Removal
– Community Clean-Ups

We offer our services free of charge! There is no program enrollment fee.


provides personal protective equipment for a Corpsmember – gloves, eyeglasses and more.


provides one pair of steel-toed boots for a Corpsmember.


provides a bus pass for our students. 90% of our students rely on public transportation to get to and from work.


covers fees for certifications available to Corpsmembers – from forklift training, OSHA 10, to CPR and could even cover driver’s license fees!

Ways to Give!

Give as much or as little as you want!

Urban Corps of San Diego County has partnered with Give Lively to securely process all online donations. Use the form below to donate to Urban Corps in whatever capacity you see fit.

87 cents of every donated dollar we receive is directly invested in delivering services to the young adults in our program.

Please also scroll down to learn about other ways to support our mission to provide a second chance to young adults in our county.

Thank you so much for choosing Urban Corps of San Diego County!

Urban Corps of San Diego County’s EIN is 33-0352148

Donate via Check

You can donate by mailing a check. Our mailing address is PO Box 80156, San Diego, CA 92138

Hire A Corpsmember!

Give a young person a job.
Our staff can help pre-screen candidates for you and provide follow-up support for an entire year.

Workplace Giving Campaign

Workplace giving is a means by which employees donate annually through payroll pledges. You can contribute through an existing workplace giving campaign or start your own.

Become a Sponsor and/or Hire an Urban Corps Crew

Urban Corps has much to offer those who share our commitment to youth and community. You can help create a skilled, ready-to-hire workforce while demonstrating your commitment to giving back to San Diego. 

Depending on the service you need, we will send an enthusiastic group of young people between the ages of 18 and 26 along with supplies and a skilled working staff supervisor to complete your job.

Give a Gift of Stock

If you own stocks and bonds that have increased in value, it may be more advantageous to donate these securities to the Urban Corps of San Diego County rather than sell them and donate the proceeds from the sale. By donating the securities directly, you may avoid Capital Gains tax while receiving a tax deduction on the securities’ increased value. 

The Urban Corps of San Diego County can transact your gift of securities quickly and inexpensively, so your donation will have the greatest possible impact. Please contact your financial advisor for further details.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many donors want to ensure that our work is well-funded for years to come. There are numerous ways to help the Urban Corps prepare for the future through gift planning; some options offer significant financial benefits for the donor. Please contact your financial advisor for further details on planned giving opportunities.

If interested in any of these options, please use the form below!

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We are here to answer any questions about supporting our young adults!

Please also feel free to reach out directly to Lauren Welch at