Corpsmembers Are Moms Too!

The best part of Urban Corps according to Corpsmember Ajeicia Carrillo is, “I can work and go to school while raising my children.”

Many of the young adults we serve need to overcome obstacles to earn their high school diploma. The number one barrier is the ability to earn a paycheck and go to school at the same time. When you have a family to support, it is difficult to attend a traditional school and keep a job.

Ajeicia wanted to finish high school and earn her diploma but with two little boys at home, she needed to work and earn money.

Then a friend told her about Urban Corps! 

Now she attends school to work towards her diploma while receiving a paycheck for learning important job skills that will help her and her children have a better future. She has worked on projects with Caltrans, the City of San Diego and currently works in our recycling department.

Ajeicia’s favorite subject is math and she plans to graduate this December. After she graduates, she would like to attend a university and study criminology or nursing.

Ajeicia will have her hands full with her two little boys, but with the education and foundation of resources that she is building at Urban Corps, we know that she will be successful no matter what she decides to do.