Corpsmember Success - Eh Kaoo Dah

Eh Kaoo Dah was born in Thailand after his parents fled the war in Myanmer. He attended school but had to stop after sixth grade because his parents needed him to work and help them financially.

When he was 19, Eh Kaoo had the opportunity to come to the United States. He decided to leave his country and come to the U.S. so that his family could have a better life. “When I came to the United States, I had to learn many new things such as the culture of this country, the currency and the language which has been the most challenging.”

Three months after arriving in the U.S., his mother passed away in Thailand. “That made me sad especially because she was one of the main reasons why I left my country so I could help her have a better life, but I had to continue and even though it was very hard to accept her absence, I had to be strong and find a way to survive in a new country.”

Eh Kaoo learned about Urban Corps through his sister who had graduated from Urban Corps Charter School. In August 2019, he was accepted in to the program and started attending school and receiving paid job training.

“At Urban Corps, I have learned how to use all the power tools. I had no idea how to use the chainsaw and other machinery. Now, I am an expert!”

Eh Kao was a first-rate member of the Green Build team and was nominated by the construction department for Corpsmember of the Month – which he won in September 2022. “I have learned so much about construction and I hope to keep enhancing my skills.”

On June 16, 2023, Eh Kaoo graduated with his high school diploma from Urban Corps Charter School. At graduation, he was recognized with the Sam Duran Legacy Scholarship that recognizes the Corpsmember who most exemplifies Urban Corps’ founding CEO Sam Duran’s dedication to the Corps values of learning, earning and conserving. “It has not been easy. I have struggled a lot, but I am very proud of myself.”

With his education and the skills he learned from Urban Corps, Eh Kaoo started his new job with DC AC Air Conditioning & Heating on Monday, June 19.

Through his hard work and perseverance, Eh Kaoo has not only learned how to survive in a new country – but thrive!

Congratulations Eh Kaoo!