Our Acceptable E-Waste Items Include

AV Equipment (recording/studio equipment, lighting, etc.)
Cameras (film, digital, antique, etc.)
Cell Phones and Landline Phones
Chargers & Cables/Cords
Circuit Boards
Computers, Laptops, Monitors
Computer Accessories (mice, keyboards, etc.)
Computer Parts
Copy Machines
CD Players
Electronic Toys and Games
Fax Machines

Gaming Systems Hard Drives
Home Entertainment (DVD/VHS players, cable boxes, receivers, speakers, etc.)
Media (except VHS tapes)
Monitors/Flat Panel Displays
Networking Equipment (routers, modems, switchboards, etc.)
Small Home Office Copiers
TVs, Radios and MP3 Players
VCR/DVD Players

Prohibited Items
Batteries of Any Kind
Hazardous Wastes/Liquids
Light Bulbs & Glass
Wood Speakers

Drop-Off Facility

You can also drop off your E-Waste at
3021 Moore Street, San Diego, CA 92110
(Located near our headquarters)

We’re open Monday – Friday  (8:30 am – 2:30 pm)

Schedule Your Pick-Up!

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Sorry, no mattresses!