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Urban Corps.

Urban Corps San Diego County

The Urban Corps of San Diego County serves as a bridge to a better life for young adults ages 18-26.

We provide paid job training, support services and a second chance to earn a high school diploma, while simultaneously offering a variety of professional services to the San Diego community.

Our Corpsmembers gain job skills through environmental, construction, recycling and other community projects. Whether improving a park, working in the San Diego River, removing graffiti or rehabilitating low-income homes, our Corpsmembers improve themselves while improving our region.

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Laniyo Avery

“Urban Corps has given me something to be proud of. They opened my eyes and made me a better person. Now instead of asking for a hand, I’m holding one out.”
Avery L.

Ghanim Lana

“Urban Corps has given me so much;
my first job, my diploma, English lessons, and a community. I can now speak confidently and fluently thanks to this program.”
Lana G.

Ascencio Rodrigo

“I found a home at Urban Corps.
While at Urban Corps, I got promoted to crew leader and I have achieved a lot of my goals and still have more to achieve.”
Rodrigo A.